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We strive to help attorneys help their clients comply with changing regulations and legal standards.

At Human Resource Specialties Inc., we strive to continue offering the necessary HR services to attorneys, so that you can help your clients comply with changing regulations and legal standards.

Our newest service is Pay Equity Analysis, designed to comply with each state’s requirements. The Analysis is available exclusively under Attorney-Client Privilege, and now affects the states of Washington, Oregon, California, New Jersey, New York & Massachusetts.

Pay Equity Analysis Includes:

  • A Pay Analysis for the protected class factors of ethnicity, gender and age.
  • Coordination with external or internal legal counsel.
  • A delivered product containing detailed pay comparisons.
  • A written summary of the results.
  • Personalized consultation and recommendations for following up on identified areas of concern.

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Human Resource Specialties is highly respected in the legal community, and is proud to extend our services to become the go-to specialist for Pay Equity. In fact, the majority of our clients are referred by employment attorneys nationwide. Our commitment to excellence includes timely, confidential services for every attorney and client. Contact our team today to talk more about audits, analysis and consulting for Pay Equity!

At Human Resource Specialties, providing exceptional service is a priority. Our clients tell us they’ve found significant differences between us and other firms because we are so focused on providing service that is personalized, timely, and customer-oriented. Project leads provide clients with their personal cell phone numbers. We take service so seriously that our voicemail operates only when the office is closed.

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